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About me:
Name: Lara
Age: funfzehn! (15 in german-speak)
Location: Gaffney, SC :(
Gender: Female
Status: [Taken/Single? Pics?]Sadly single
How did you hear about us?:[Link?]  lookin for people interested in long Shot Hero...then lookin at those people's communities
Piercings: 2 in each ear lobe and my cartilage (might I add that I did the cartilage and second pair on the lobes myself?)

5+ Bands: Oh dear: Less Than Jake, Green Day, the Aquabats, My Chemical Romance, Long Shot Hero
5+ Movies: Lord of the Rings, Thirteen, Requiem, Moulin Rouge...and others
3+ TV Shows: Bleh...I don't watch so much but...CSI, Law and Order SVU, and Viva La Bam
Color: GREEN
Food/Drink: Um...Mello Yello and a Kit Kat
Instrument: TROMBONE man!  (I am the ultimate band nerd)

Pick One
Day or Night: Night
Coke or Pepsi: PEPSI
Smarties or M&Ms: M&M's

Straigtedge:  sadly unaware of what that is...don't hate me for it
Love: love some people...honestly it has only ever frustrated me...but for some people it works out really well
Religion:  I love learning about them and I guess I'm a struggling Christian, but I hate people who push their religions on others...that's all I have to say
Alcohol/Drugs: in moderation, sure
Abortion: my body, my choice...but it should not be used as a regular form of general birth control
What do you think of the mod?: don't really know her...but considering she made this very cool community, I like her

5+ Pictures of yourself(the more the better):

(By the way, the fourth picture is me at quite possibly my sexiest moment)


3+ Promotions give links(the more the better): sadly...only the community Picturesquee..very sorry

Any Last Words?  Well...if you do reject me (hopefully not) please don't send 24 rejections like some other lame-ass community

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