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This entry doesn't really have a point. No one ever does anything in this community but the themes and the application, so I just thought I'd write something else. Anyways, I had fun today. I went tanning...and got burnt, but at least I know it will become a tan everntually haha. Then I went to DQ and the mall, where me and my friend tried on random clothing, as in...really ugly clothes from Suzy Shier that were way too...well, Suzy Shierish lol. The only things I usualy buy there are the pants haha. I wanted to bring my camera to take pictures of us in ugly dresses and such, but my camera had no batteries. It was a fun time though. We were there for at least two hours. I spent about 60 bucks in Silk and Satin haha, I think I went a bit overboard.
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