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Am I Something Punk? ( app. redo)

About me:
Name: theresa
Gender: Female
Status:[Taken/Single? Pics?] taken =}
How did you hear about us?: [Link?] searching threw some communities
Piercings ears


5+ Bands: AFI, Kittie, The Used, My Chemical Romance, The Killers
5+ Movies: Shrek 2, Nightmare Before Christmas, SLC Punk, American History-X, ladder 49
3+ TV Shows i really dont watch much TV, i'd rather read a book
Color: Black, Hot pink, Lime Green
Food/Drink: Chicken Salad and Sprite, best things ever
Instrument: Bass <3

Pick One
Day or Night: night
Coke or Pepsi:Neither
Smarties or M&Ms: smarties


Straigtedge: Its a good thing because if you dont your runing all over the place trying to get things done and rushing and causing yourself to have alot of stress and thats not good.
Love: Love is a hard thing to define, Love is a beautiful thing and it can bring people very close but it can also destroy people.
Religion: Religion is your problem, if you want to beleive in "god" then believe in him/her/it and if you dont thats fine to. I think people should just follow their heart and feelings.
Alcohol/Drugs: Alcohol is not such a bad thing. IF YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER IT.going and getting wasted every night is a horrible thing, But if you go and have a couple of drinks with your buddies every now and then, its not a problem. Drugs- absolutekly not, they are so dangerous and harmful there is no good wayto handle a drug.
Abortion If your a 14 year old girl going out and screwing every guy you can get your hands on, and you end up pregnant then you should have that kid and take the responsbilities for your actions. But if your a 14 year old girl that has been raped, AND WAS APPROVED SO BY LIKE A JUDGE OR SOMETHING then abortion may be considered.
What do you think of the mod: she is cute and i think she has a great personality =)

5+ Pictures (the more the better): aH!!! sorry guys! my mom deleted all my pictures because they were making the computer slow!, but if u give me like a day or something i would post some =)

3+ Promotions (the more the better): how do u get the link to show up in here?....i can give you guys a list of journal names that i have promoted in is that okay?...well here they are: Mustbeluck, s3x0ntheb3ach,Loserxxme83,sexiswimmer69,iwantscarsnuts
Any Last Words?
i love you all!

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